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          Medicines and  Medical Devices Agency is created according to Government Decision no. 617 of 28 June 2005 "On the recovery of pharmaceuticals situation in Republic of Moldova" by reorganizing the National Institute of Pharmacy, the Pharmaceutical Inspection and Pharmaceuticals Department of the Ministry of Health.

          The Agency is subject to the Government of Republic of Moldova and aims to achieve the basic state policy in the field of medicines and pharmaceutical activity.

          In its activity the Medicines and  Medical Devices Agency is guided by the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova, Republic of Moldova President decrees, orders, decisions and the Government, legislative acts in force, other normative acts, international treaties to which Moldova participates, and Agency Regulation.

          The main activity:

  • Authorization (examination, approval and registration) of medicines;
  • Surveillance of medicines quality;
  • Supervision and control over the pharmaceutical activity;
  • Monitoring and coordinating the supply of medicines and pharmaceutical assistance to nationwide;
  • Conduct of information activity in the field of medicines;
  • Methodological and organizational consulting in the pharmaceutical enterprises and providers of medical services.

          Agency’s tasks are:

  • Monitoring the supply of medicines and pharmaceutical assistance, particularly for Public Health Care Institutions involved in health insurance system care and national programs;
  • Arguments and proposals for improving the pharmaceutical system regarding the improvement supply of population with medicines;
  • Regulation of pharmaceutical market, including the authorization medicines;
  • Ensuring quality of medicines and other products on the pharmaceutical market;
  • Ensuring compliance with legislative and normative acts by economic agents which perform pharmaceutical activity;
  • Providing information to the health system in medicine.



Atribuțiile AMDM de coordonare a procesului de aprovizionare cu medicamente a spitalelor vor fi preluate de Centrul pentru achiziții publice centralizate în sănătate.


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